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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Go Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July Americans! For everyone else... Happy Fourth of July: The Day They Discovered the Higgs Particle (probably)

In Santa Cruz there is no formal fireworks show on the 4th, an Idea that is taking time to adjust to for this girl who loves 4th of July Fireworks. *Sigh*

However, it's only one week until I leave for San Diego, so I'm using this opportunity to start preparations and packing.

Today amidst BBQing and lurking Tumblr, I tried on my Lady!Loki costume to make sure that the costume looks satisfactory all put together. I'm very pleased!

The base of the dress is a very comfortable bamboo jersey with green sequins and gold lame bias tape as trim. The cape is osnaburg muslin trimmed with faux fox fur and a decorative clasp.

The horned diadem is is a ring of brass strips I got from the hardware store and E600ned together (yes, I am turning that into a verb). The horns themselves are wire armatures covered in  tin foil, and then covered in Cloud Clay. The decorative pieces are Cloud Clay as well.

The wig is fabulous, and from Arda Wigs. This particular one is Buttercup in Black. Not only does this wig look and feel great, but it's easy to style, and I ordered it in the morning and arrived the very next day from Chicago. I am definitely going to purchase from them again.

The corset is from Pendragon Costumes (I bought this one at Clockwork Alchemy. Buying at a con is fun because you get to try before you buy!), and the makeup is all M.A.C.

I have a few tweaks to make (foam to the band of the diadem for comfort, coins for the hair, and maybe fur trim for the boots), but I think the costume is pretty good as-is. I based it on a mix of fanart and some official art.

So hopefully I'll get some killer photos at the Con!

In other news, my friends at Play Crafts (members of the SBAMQG) recently released their first product, a Palette Builder for designers, quilters and crafters! And it's AWESOME!!!

Basically, the idea is that you can upload a photo, and the Palette Builder will create a color palette from the colors that it picks up on. But you can also focus the palette on particular regions of the photo, and choose both the number of colors that it picks up on, and how monochromatic the colors are.

I made this one from some new charms I'm making for Alchemy Tea. This palette builder is super addictive!

Until next time, Happy 4th!

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