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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Madrona Road Weird Science Hexie

I joined the Modern Quilt Guild's Madrona Road challenge sponsored by Michael Miller and Violet Crafts.

Initially I wanted to create free-form hexagon clouds on Cotton Couture Fog and call it the "Bad Weather" quilt.

However, improv quilting does as improv quilting pleases, and the result was much more biological in nature. The result is "Weird Science"

The back is a scrappy "road" with a slashed strip and I call it "Overpass".


  1. Love the way it turned out - front and back, so cool. So inspired by your photo shoot, the front porch will just not cut it from now on for me.

  2. "improv quilting does as improv quilting pleases" - I love this quote and I love the quilt!