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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stars in your Eyes

Monday night I attended my first LAMQG meeting and loved it! Such a friendly and welcoming group of people, much like I'm finding all of LA to be. LA has this reputation to be fake, and guarded and inaccessible to many, and while I'm not exactly finding that to be entirely untrue, I'm also not finding that to be the case with the majority of my experiences here. I miss my SBAMQG ladies, but I have a happy home here in LA.

I managed to finish a new quilt to share by the meeting. It began as a fusion between the Sparkle Punch and the Single girl quilts, and became "Stars in Your Eyes". I'm in love with the palette and the concept, and my piecing, but I'm kind of in hate with my quilting. It began as a sophisticated concept, but I think I accidentally ruined it with children's scribbles. It was intended to be more starry night than birthday party, but by the time I recognized my mistake I was too far along to tear my stitches out. My City Scape late night photo-shoot also didn't work out very well, so better, daytime or dusk pictures are to hopefully come.

I also wanted to preview the next quilt I'm working on while wishing for Fall:

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  1. I am so glad I found you're blog! I especially love the acorns!