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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun Things on the Horizon

Since My last post here, I have:

Turned the "ripe old" age of 21,
Been promoted,
Begun perhaps my last summer vacation ever,
Crafted my crafty little heart out,
Visited Disneyland for the first time in what feels like a lifetime,
Participated in Harts Fabric's 1st Annual Craftacular Wonderfair,
And been roped into applying for San Francisco's winter Renegade Craft Fair by a colleague.

Whew! It's been an eventful (more than a) few months!

But I feel that I am in a position now to pay more attention to this blog, and my wonderful crafting hobbies and friends.

I've been stepping out of my crafting comfort zone by pushing myself to create new items out of new materials that i can hopefully market and sell (unfortunately, working in the fabric industry doesn't necessarily support my fabric addiction)

I've been working on these leather pouches:

I've ben making them in both coin purse sizes, and what I call "secrets" size, which I imagine to be perfect for ring boxes, tooth fairy pouches, or of course, small secrets.

I'm having fun choosing fabric to match with the leather. I get to use all of my favorite cottons that I don't necessarily desire to make a garment out of. It's also a great way to bust trough all of my cotton and leather scraps.

I also sold these knit tops that I screen printed. I like the style of top, but I think that If I make them again, I'll build a cleaner screen (although the grungy, distressed look of these tops is kind of fun!)

I'm adding items to my etsy this weekend, and I'll have new posts here this week, including a fun and easy top tutorial!

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